Festival Músicas do Mundo

The FMM Sines – Music of The World Festival, had its first edition in 1999 and is a festival open to all types of music: traditional roots, urban, alternative, experimental and crossing.
The world over a stage, this is the base concept of the Músicas do Mundo Festival (FMM), an event that takes place annually in the Castle of Sines, in the Alentejo.

With all its ambiguities, FMM can be framed in the area of ​​”world music”. From tradition to jazz, from folk to blues, from tango to reggae, from classical to fusion, it is above all a music festival.

Anyone who feels open to discovering new music will be at home. The FMM has no preferred recipients other than listeners with a capacity to be surprised.

About the local

Sines is a Portuguese city located in the center of the Alentejo coast. Despite the numerous points of tourist interest in the area, it´s the long sandy beaches that attract foreign and Portuguese to Sines.

The ancient land of fishermen and birthplace of the Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama, Sines has always managed to maintain its charm despite all the changes and growth of the city.


√ Visit the Chapel of Nossa Senhora das Salas
√ Go for a walk in the Sines Castle
√ Go for a walk to the village of Porto Covo
√ Go for a swim in São Torpes
√ Visit the Pessegueiro island
√ Eat a feijoada de búzios and taste a “Vasquinho”
√ Visit the house where Vasco da Gama was born
√ Take a walk through the historic city center

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